I am the Digital Scholarship Library Fellow at the Digital Scholarship Center of U-Cincinnati

It’s a brain-candy job working on research projects across disciplines (law, literature, business, epidemiology, poetry, archaeology, methodology, outer space!)

I get to work with faculty & under/grad student research assistants. Currently, my research focus is split between hybrid human-machine methodology & poetry generation / evaluation projects. In addition to research, I advise faculty and students in the use of digital methods like text mining, AI/NLP solutions, modeling, data management and visualization. I also contribute to the development of the DSC’s machine learning and visualization platform, Model of Models.

Curriculum Vitae pdf

Before the DSC, I worked at JSTOR (NY) in Content Development & Publisher Relations

I managed accounts, agreements, riders, journal transfers for over 150 publishers. I also audited, analyzed, and delivered data reports on publisher sales, usage, and revenue sharing.

While at JSTOR, I was also getting my Master of Library & Information Science degree with a specialization in Digital Humanities.

My 1st degree is in Études Françaises from Concordia University in Montréal.

I’ve had a collection of other data/language/academic jobs at …

  • Long Island University (Brooklyn) as adjunct reference librarian
  • NYPL Correctional Services – answering reference letters from incarcerated persons
  • Baruch College Library (CUNY) working in Circulation & Reference
  • Archipelago Books (Brooklyn) as a Publishing intern in contemporary, literary translation
  • AgeOptions (Oak Park, IL) where I was the Planning & Data Specialist
  • Lycée de Gradignan – just outside Bordeaux where I taught High School English
  •  … I’ve also been a nanny / bartender / farmhand / circus performer / ordained minister

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