Weddings, Short & Sweet

shortandsweetdraftReverend Erin E. McCabe,  MLIS

Weddings Short & Sweet.

When my sister and brother fought, my parents would make them read Corinthians 13:4-8. Meg has it memorized to this day. So even though it’s a lovely sentiment, when I hear “Love is patient, love is kind” start off a bridesmaid’s reading now, I can’t help but smirk.

Maybe you have a similar story, or maybe you just can’t imagine doing this at a church. I can lend some legal authority (in the state of New York) to your less than religious ceremony.

Ceremony Format: Super Short / Semi-Sweet / Totally Customizable

  • Wedding processional or entrance of the bride and groom (and wedding party)
  • Welcome and / or a sweet back story
  • Reading(s)
  • Witnesses sign the wedding certificate
  • Wedding vows or non-vows
  • Exchange of wedding rings / gifts / tattoos
  • Whatever family or cultural tradition you want to include
  • Officiant’s sanction of the marriage
  • Kisses! and play out music

Some Proposals

Maybe your dad is not to be trusted with speaking from the heart – instead, why not ask him to read some of John Steinbeck’s letter to his son instead.

Vows are kind of strange. Want to write your own? Want me to find use some less than conventional ones? Or use corny-sweet song lyrics: When the day that lies ahead of you seems impossible to face. And someone else instead of you always seems to know the way. Then just look at ____, so the world’s alright with you. Just one look at ___, and you know it’s gonna be a lovely day.


Potentially Related Qualificationsreverend

  • 100% success rate (1/1)
  • Librarian – basically read and learn for a living.
  • Former child lector at St. Cletus
  • 2018 NASA DataNaut Fellow